Soft Merge Question Thread

  • Not everyone in Ares 3 US has that window for the merge. There are several of us in my alliance there that don't have it. I merged my Rho account on en, so I know what to look for. But the option isn't there on Ares 3.

    Then someone found this:

    so, it's not that we're blind. It got delayed.

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    As this may have not been really clear before: also all War servers (Ares) will be merged into EN203, the EN war server.


    I'm playing in the war server, and I didn't read all threads from the forum, but according to que quoted post above, all war server will merge into EN203. That does not make any sense since I'm already playing in that server (

    Now, after login at war server account, I'm presented with the option to choose one of English servers; Alpha, Pi, Beta, Zelos, Zephyros, Herakles, Hydra, Orpheus.

    Soo.... What exactly is happening? Is the war server being discontinued? And I must choose a new NON WAR server for my war server account?



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  • THAT IS THE ONLY reason for buying ambrosia, is it not?

    They're not deleting the account just transferring it I can understand you being upset, that's why the new servers bring in good $$$$ in the beginning. So Something I actually agree with badidol on.. I think I need to lay down now.

    now we are gonna be stuck on usless miracles like Hermes, Ares and Athena? Give players option to vote on miracle and resource that is gonna be on their island to give at least SOME chance to us...

    it's possible that will happen to late transfers.. looks like GF f'ed this up pretty bad I don't know why.. maybe I was lucky but when I went from Delta->Beta on the 1st merger everything went smoothly. Im a little confused why they didn't just reuse the 1st merger system.

    As far as voting your miracle.. I don't think that's gonna happen.


    to what? If you just randomized it all you would be doing is shifting the problem to existing residence. and unlike people coming are not gonna be given free warps.

    ultimate farm operation for the large players on Alpha, Beta, and NY

    I can't speak for everyone but I've got more inactives on my radar than I know what to do with right now on Beta.. and even if I didn't if you don't look like a farm then im not gonna bother fighting long expensive battles for a handful of goods.

    you're probably safer than you think, just keep a decent MS and hideouts and most people will move on to easier prey.

    Also make sure you don't leech the island cause I'll attack anyone including players twice my size if they leech.

    After you get in the 10-15m range the advantages someone with 20-30million become less and less

    Some of the best fighters on Beta have < 10million because they choose to keep some of their towns mobile.

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  • randomize every location and give evryone free moves

  • Since when do we have ban discussions in the forum?

    Stop it. Or I'll stop it.


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  • randomize every location and give evryone free moves

    Then it seems like the existing players on that server will feel it's unfair.

    the guy who selected his towns carefully.

    might suddenly find him self with unfavorable island choices.

    additionally if they was on a wine and suddenly find them suddenly found them selves on a sulfur they might not be able to self sustain them selves.

    also assuming they couldn't find a suitable wine island to relocate to their wine grower building becomes useless

    The only way this would sorta work is if you took up every single town, so the server was empty and had some sort of land rush.. but then the time zone would favor some people over others.

    You think this would help you? it might not let me paint a scenario.

    Server is 95% full, you randomize the town locations and give everyone 2 weeks to relocate with free warps.

    How many "free" spots do you think will be available to warp to?

    you can't "trade" spots either.. then everyone gets stuck with random locations.. some people might end up with towns 12 hours away.. etc

    I understand your worry and concern but this would be even more unfair.

    Some people might get holding the bag on this, the ones that transfer later.

    that's bad enough but your suggestion makes sure many more suffer for it.

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  • i dont know dude, im in vmode while everyone choose their places and badibol response were stop crying

  • Really? Go check what I said and then speak ;) Or u will ban me here as well?

    I know what you use to talk in other places, so I don't wonder that you got banned from some places.

    Instead of banning players and accusing them false try to solve their issues. That is why you're here, right? Anyways ban me if you want. I know that truth hurts.

    PS. Support finally woke up! Thanks! Hope they solve my issue with login in merge server!

  • i dont know dude, im in vmode while everyone choose their places and badibol response were stop crying

    I mean what do you want me to say? They botched it.

    I mean I feel for ya.. Not saying you don't have a right to be upset, and I hope they fix it for you quickly.

    But we can't punish everyone else because of it.. that's even less fair.

    I will give you a little tip.. it's a little bit of a gamble though.

    if you arrive on a target server and can't find a spot you like.. wait.. some of the incoming people maybe moving..

    Honestly I think they should make the town warps permanent.. The best way to handle this would have been to literally deposited X amount of town warps into peoples inventory box for later use, NO-EXP so you could choose the right time to move.

    maybe they could at least do that for people in your situation.

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  • you are not in context, im in a server with 4000 people

    this is baaaaaaaad

  • some account work fine, others does not - we transfer in large group - lucky ones are online now on new serwers! where is equality! where are equal chances!!!

    soon ghosted accounts may disappear opening other spaces.

    be patient.

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  • you are not in context, im in a server with 4000 people

    this is baaaaaaaad

    It changes nothing for the existing residents, it's still unfair to them.

    So the server you're on that's being closed is 4k? or the sever your headed to is 4k?

    If it's your existing that means nothing

    If it's your target then you have only 1 choice?

    4k accounts is a pretty full server.. so like I said randomizing a nearly full server will not get the benefit you seek, it will only cause much more pain.

    misery loves company right?

    P.S It's not like I wouldn't like free warps I live with a bunch of deadbeats on my island that do not respond to even 18 months of occupation

    So we all got problems, I'd gladly take a warp outta this hell hole and leave the spot for you.

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  • it was 400 peoper, now is 4k

    the cap they put was too high, 4k is too much

  • ip sharing has bugs cannot accept or deny ip, no one message on diplomacy and i see my own acc on the list of co-accounts

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