Soft Merge Question Thread

  • Are you sure about this? Last merge the leaders took the alliance with them to the new server. Wouldn't make me happy to see all our forum posts disappear

    I'm not sure, but alliances should be transfered when the leader transfers the account. I don't know what will happen with members since it seems it will not be like the last time that everybody got transfered at the same time.

  • Quote from Ancientking

    Are you sure about this? Last merge the leaders took the alliance with them to the new server. Wouldn't make me happy to see all our forum posts disappear..

    Yes, last time the tag went with the leader to the new server. But that also assumed the alliance was moving to a new server. In this case, the alliances aren't on a server that's being deleted.

    New question: Are we limited to moving to servers within the same community, or can we pick a destination on a different community? For example, if I have 4 accounts on us servers and we're only going to have 3 us servers going forward, one of those needs to go someplace else.

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  • For sure members will be automatically kicked. Because it is not even certain that members go to the same server as the alliance leader. But I hope that the alliances go through the merge together with their leader...

  • So i have question about accounts. I play on allot of worlds and have more than 20 accounts. For example i have 5 accounts on english alpha. And you want to move from some other world to alpha. What will happen if i have 3 accounts on server that is moving. So i need to delete 2 accounts from moving server and 5 from targeted server(alpha). Or i need to send for every account a print screen for ip sharing. If i need to delete 7 accounts and left 1. Who will pay me for my time that i spent on building that accounts. Because i dont have in mind to delete accounts. I play this game for a long period of time.

  • Too bad, Conki. Sucks to be you. I really am glad they are finally shutting down multi accounting. Twenty accounts? You must be very special. Lol.


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    As this is an English forum - please type your questions in English

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    1. A question
    2. Are there specific servers to move from to the target servers or does this include all servers except for the target

  • 3) How quickly will we start seeing moved/merged accounts on destination servers?

    It says immediately. They changed it from last time, where it was just the option to subscribe to the merge. But back then you also didn't get an option to choose your world.

    IIRC, fist time everyone got moved at once.. there was a few weeks window where you would select where you went.

    I was on Delta and had the option of alpha or beta.. once the count down everyone got moved at once.. good and bad about that.

    good: everyone gets transferred at the same time for equal footing

    bad: well not really cause some people made accounts on alpha and squatted with newbie accounts on spots they wanted with lv1 towns.

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  • Hi,

    i got some answers here, but i also have some questions that didnt answered.

    I really appreciate if the answers are verified.

    1) I read its asked again but nothing sure, what happens with the ambrosia from accounts that will be deleted. in one of the accounts i have ~350 ambrosia. will this gone for good? if yes why? can't we take our ambrosia as coupon?

    2) The function of the account transfer with ambrosia will remain after the merge?

    3) On my server Beta i have two accounts with ip sharing. i read that ip sharing is going to be removed. cool, but why cant i have my both accounts? they both have ambrosia!! it seems unfair and i think i m not the only one.

    4) An ally of mine has two accounts banned until january 2022 one account on server that ll close and one account on server that remains. what will happen to both this accounts?

    5) What's the problem about the function of removing accounts from the same lobby? from now on the multis are bannable, so why don't you release this function? if i want to give an account on a friend it should not be a problem. if one of us violate the rules, good, we got banned. but if we just want to play the game why not? after all with less servers it will be more easy for the team to controll them.

    6) I also want a clarify about the account scores: if i have an account 50.000.000 points on server Epsilon thats going to close, can i transfer it to server Zelos that remains? i read on discord many opinions about yes/no, some they say yes, you can transfer everywhere, and then i read no, because it will be unfair the no 1 have 50.000.000 points and the second 783.800 points. what is going on finally?

    6.1) Also, what are the limits of a server, it will stop accepting after a number of players or when all islands get maxed?

    Closing, i wondering if gameforge is able to listen the players requests to change some properties of the merge, maybe about ip sharings or the transfer between communities, some of this two at least. I really hope to be listened me and the other players and do the best they can. Its really sad for the players money to be lost this way.

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  • I haven't calculated the number of town spots but the map is bloody huge.

    I would assume if you make a map with (example) 10k spots that it would also handle having each occupied.

    That might be another reason they want to get rid of multi's to cut space requirements.. although looking around beta it seems like we a got at least 60% of the map empty.. whole island chains have no occupants and the further you go out from center the worse it gets.. the edges of the map are like rural farm country.

    mostly its' because of lack of players but partly because a lot of the wonders suck, beta only has Sulfur as a forge so most people will build near them.

    It will be interesting. .if it wasn't for the "delete your account(s)" thing I'd actually say this was a good move overall I was just talking about how it was time for another merger.

    should liven up the place up for another year or two unless people leave in disgust.

    EDIT: Also if I may make a suggestion to GF.. currently I can still goto the lobby and it askes me if I wanna discover a new world/server.

    I would not allow any new accounts on the servers slated for removal.. further more any "new" players should only be allowed to start on A/B/NY

    There is no good reason with the merger meantime to be allowing new startups on the soon to be dead servers or for current players to create a newbie account on a target server to try and reserve town spaces, we seen this on the first merger.

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  • ipcom is not going away, just send a ticket like the old days

    if you have them in the same lobby you may have to choose one

    the ambrosia not spent if you send a ticket you may be able to transfer to another account

    regarding question 6 i dont know if is different from latam, there thay told us that they will be a limit of transfered player to each server and theres no restriccion regarding points

    take into consideration that newer servers has bonuses that old ones dont have so many people will choose them

  • From what I can read;

    Stay Active: Alpha, Beta, Pi, Zelos, Zephyros, Herakles, Hydra, Orpheus

    Get Merged with the above: Rho, Charon, Demeter, Dionysos, Eirene, Eunomia, Gaia, Hades, Hephaistos, Ares (War Server), Kaikias, Lips, Notos, Pan, Poseidon, Skiron, Thanatos, Acheron

    Please correct me if I'm reading it wrong.

  • just wanting to check - the option to move is available on test server 666 now (to go to test server 800 - are more than one account allowed there, or will multis be gone as soon as the first acct is transferred.

    Also, just checking, may have been raised, if I have 2 accounts on a destination server, do I get the option to move one, or will one need to be deleted before merges commence, to not be done for multi-accounting.

    Not much time given for test merge it seems - so only a few hours left to select, it appears.

  • I have a question about the soft merge. I don't see anything about the NL servers. Where are the NL players gonna go?

    NL is being merged into EN. NL will no longer exist as a stand-alone community after the merges.

    1) What will happen to accounts that are in vmode or are ghosted during this process?

    They'll be randomly assigned to servers after the choosing period ended.

    2) Since moved accounts will get the opportunity to warp to desired islands, will the native accounts (i.e. ones on target servers that don't need to move) also get free town relocation options?


    3) How quickly will we start seeing moved/merged accounts on destination servers?

    I don't understand the question. Please reiterate.

    5) What happens if someone has multiple accounts on a destination server already and they don't select any servers to merge to?

    They'll have to choose which account to keep.

    6) In the FAQ, it states people will be reimbursed the resources they've invested in the islands for mines/wonders/Helios Towers. What happens if their towns can't hold those resources?

    The resources will be credited as resource packs in the inventory. It's irrelevant how many resources your towns can keep.

    In servers merges is going to have 2 very old servers 1,2 (Israel)

    Why is it not possible to transfer from Israel to other servers such as the EN ?

    Because IL wasn't inactive enough to be merged into EN.

    1 - ) Can we transfer between target servers, for example from Alpha to Beta?

    No. Target servers are TARGET servers, not exodus servers.

    To me, this sounds like all accounts have to choose a destination server, even ones that are staying on the same server.

    No. Obviously only accounts on exodus servers have to choose a destination. Accounts on target servers don't have to be moved, therefore they obviously don't have to choose a destination.

    What will happen to the war servers, Ares 3 (uk and us)? Will they merge or be deleted or be left alone?

    All war servers will be merged into EN203.


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  • Not much time given for test merge it seems - so only a few hours left to select, it appears.

    For the actual real merge: you have 336 hours to choose, to be exact. 14 days from the time the choosing period starts. That's more than a few hours, I'd say.

    The test server merge was more for us than for you. The PTS is a PTS. Anything can happen on there. At any given time. That's what test servers are there for :)


    Am Anfang wurde das Universum erschaffen.

    Das machte viele Leute sehr wütend und wurde allenthalben als Schritt in die falsche Richtung angesehen.

  • I do not think it's fair that new servers opened 3-6 months ago are going to be together with alpha and beta servers that are old servers

    A first-place player on a new server with a 500K score cannot face a 70M larger player

    Why not do merges even with small servers opened in the last two years

    It is true that we have been waiting a long time for merge

    But what you are doing is that I am a player who has 7 players on servers in Israel should delete 5 strong players with a lot of investment of Ambrosia = money, and in the end I am left with only 2 users.

    It is important to note that each user is on a different server, and now I have to throw them in the trash?