Soft Merge Question Thread

  • Excuse me if I am wrong, but I believe the vast majority (if not all) of Ikariam staff, answering our questions here on board don't personally work on coding/scripts etc., therefore they are more of "diplomats" in our communities. People complaining should realize, that they tell us exact same information that they receive from higher-ups & IT specialists that are actually working on it. Therefore, they can't provide every single person every single day about the status of the X server, nor there is a need to do that. Last official news - starting from last Monday graveyard'ing works as intended. That's all, and you can't expect them to provide any additional information out of thin air. It's not like they can call their boss and ask "Ye know mate, some guy named Crow wants to know how it's going with his city, can you elaborate with it? Oh, and Samo-something needs info about his server, please update me on that too". It's not like that.

    Is the situation acceptable? No! Is it disturbing? Yes! Can we wave a magic wand and fix everything? No.

    So I would like to ask people complaining here over, and over, and over, and expecting a Gandalf showing up on the cliff with an army of script fixing warriors - stop and look and the bigger picture. Look, and you will realize that Ikariam is a small part of it, we don't have unlimited resources to solve everything. Your indirect threats of "fix it, or I will quit the game" hold ZERO weight here. In other words. stop acting like egocentric little kids and start using your common sense to evaluate situation.

    Off topic but you should have organized a Hackathon.

    You'd both solve the "volunteer developers" problem and advertise Ikariam.

    You will hit two birds with one stone.

    I thought the same thing. Would be nice to know GF attitude toward this? Perhaps it could be solution to our very limited resources concerning game development? Not talking about the merge, too late for this now, but updates and new features in general.

  • Lets see.. Draxo, for the entire of your comment:

    My apologies but this is a free forum, free section and free topic, available for all players who want to participate in the discussion, no matter if someone likes the answer or not.

    That's the answer,. You dont like harsh words? Well i apology for the rudeness, but not for telling the truth, cause all i said was the truth. Otherwise contest me point by point, glad to find myself wrong. For the GD, u rlly think i would be there talking to you? No way dude. Plus, it's not needed. A GD to understand simple logic? Why.. if you cant get it i will happily explain to you.

    For mr misspell the name a quick though. But first, you r right, i acted like an egocentric, still the truth and other 10 ex ally ( (i) now) and who know how many more have the same thought, but egocentric... now your sins ma dude..


    Kappa-IT same situation. Something is happening cause a few account now from (i) reached the (v), but as i said, a few. Literally 3 as far as I've seen and no one disappeared yet.

    You read that? I doubt but, let me explain. Kappa-IT, have issues, Alpha-IT have issues, an Uk server have issues, and who knows how many others. Now bear with me..

    If we (customers of your service) report an issues of your (GF) product, tell me why, we need to shut up. Dont you want to fix it? Hope so, and in order to do that you have to listen. You can say we repeat the same thing over and over, and over again. But no. If 6 days ago the script were launched, and today my server still have issues i report that. Did you read " tell me when/ tell me why"? No. So, read carefully next time.


    i assume you r a dev or something, cause you used "we" referring to you and GF, so.. why r you mad if we report an issues after 6 days? The script works, i see 3 people over 14000 in (v) mode, but its slow. Just telling you that. PHP is a hell i know, but its open source ;)

    Third, as i said to draxo, if you cant endure the pressure just dont read, it works 100% of the time dude! What a trick!

    For the bigger pictures.. no. We cant see it, cause we r... customers. We see what yall let us see, which is slow, slack and most likely sarcastic/troll-purposed response. Idk if GF have 35 more game in progress, what i know is, if i have specific product i need to keep it running as smoothly as possible.

    I rest my case, you and draxo can call me whatever you like, idc.

    Draxo, dont forget to prove me wrong, or else, i'm right.

  • Third, as i said to draxo, if you cant endure the pressure just dont read, it works 100% of the time dude! What a trick!

    I just had to let some steam off, because this thread is becoming a litter place for negativity concerning the game. It's not the pressure that I can't stand, but irrational/illogical expectations and non-constructive discussions. You are right, I should better pick what I read because putting some common sense into certain people's heads is a lost cause. The game has its issues, they will be solved eventually, but I guarantee it won't happen because of some barking on the board.

    And no, I am not a dev, but I am a player and part of our lovely community, hence "we" - a community as a whole, Ikariam as a single unit.

    Sorry for breaking loose from the topic. Have fun all, cheers.

  • I am putting a stop to this right here, right now.

    This thread's topic is NOT, how much better all of the know-it-alls in our community think they'd be at coding, publishing and distributing a browser game.

    If you think, you're so good at it, go ahead and do it. Prove it. Otherwise, let's just stick to reality and facts. And whether we like it or not, the reality is as previously explained several times. None of us can do any magic and solutions take as long as they take. As much as I'd like to, I can not change that. That is the plain and simple truth of the matter and no amount of lashing out at us will change any of this.

    I've also said several times that while we fully understand and appreciate the frustration, anger and despair this situation may surely cause for a lot of players, we still require a certain adherance to facts and behaviour here. When has lashing out ever helped any situation? It doesn't.

    I am now closing this thread as indicated in one of my previous posts.



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