I keep loosing money even though I get 125 gold per hour

  • Hi,

    I just started playing the game. I get 125 gold per hour.

    I have on idea what happened last night but I just lost 6000 gold, and I don't have any gold now and my entire army left.

    I'm still making 125 gold per hour, but I don't recive any of it. I'm still stuck with no money... The only gold I get is from the pirates...

    What is the problem?

  • army takes your gold to survive if you made big army last night it took all of your gold

    you can see the price to fund every unit in the barraks

  • If you click at your gold overview (top left) you can find a detailed overview of you expenses and income. The very bottom number is your net income (or net loss if negative) per hour