RebelArchangels(ARCH) declares war on Myrmidons(Myr)

  • The alliance RebelArchangels(ARCH) declares war on the alliance Myrmidons(Myr)

    Reasons for declaring:

    -They are the first alliance in total points in the server, so we think we will have a nice and interesting war.

    -We have a long history.

    -We accept their challenges.


    -Resources are also counted with 1:1 analogy in total losses.

    -Only battle reports with over 300 generals or 15.000 total losses will be counted.

    -The activation of the miracle of Colossus is strictly forbidden!

    Each activation of it will be counted as 600.000 total losses.

    -Entering vacation mode in the middle of a land or sea battle, or in the occasion of an attack that has started from maximum 2 hours away, is forbidden.

    Breaking this rule will count as 500.000 total losses for every activation of the vacation mode.

    Terms of ending the war:

    -After mutual decision from both alliances, if necessary.

    -If the difference in losses is too high and there is no point in continuing the war.

    War will start on Monday 1st of November 12:00 pm server time.

    Any battle report before that date will not be counted!!!

    End of war will be the date the next server starts.

    Winner will be the alliance with fewer losses by that time.

    Let`s welcome the new server with the old fashioned way with an old fashioned war!!!

    Be The Change

  • Since Myrmidons admitted defeat , both alliances decided to end this war!!

    Congratulations to Rebel Archangels for the win!!!

    The thread is now closed!:closedthread:

    Be The Change