Hephaistos Forge Bug in Zelos, US server

  • Good Day,

    i was just wondering, why my hephaistos forge's cooldown didn't decrease.

    i have 1 temple in my marble forge at lvl 4 Faith lvl

    then another 1 temple at my Crystal Forge at lvl 2 Faith lvl

    Both have enough priests to reach the desired level of faith that i needed.

    But my Forge's cooldown is still at 7 days.

    is there some sort of bug? or was there new rules about the forge?

    Please enlighten me.


  • Okay i will try, but that doesn't really make any sense.

    i only needed my temple at these levels for now, coz, its what i need to reach the needed faith levels.

    but okay imma try it then. Thanks

  • I think you need at least a heph lvl 5 so the cooldown decreased

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