Research points disappear

  • I collected research points and as I was ready for a new project. I pushed Research button to get to lvl 26 for Seafaring. After that, all my points are gone and app shows that I am starting again. One change, there is now no button to research lvl 26. App says, maximum lvl reached (25). Before that, button for Seafaring was available.

    State after...


  • Can't proof that as I didnt make screenshot before, but no.

    I was at lvl 25 with Seafaring and Science.

    Science there was a text Maximum lvl reached, but no at Seafaring

    My friend got message

    30.09.2021 10:22 Your friend lubo179's scientists have successfully completed a research topic and have given you part of their research results. You have received 1776 Research Points

    ..but that's all I can see