Suggestion: Use UTC (aka GMT, "Zulu") times and dates. (And ISO-based format, YYYY.MM.DD HH.MM.SS)

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    My suggestion is to always use UTC times and dates, for several reasons:

    1. JavaScript itself does, and there are numerous methods to output a time/date string in other formats/locales. So even if a player wanted to see their local time/date or the server's time/date, that is a simple task to display it for the given time zone.

    2. UTC eliminates problems with DST (Daylight Savings Time)--whether or not a locale observes DST or not--by simply not having a DST at all in UTC. Every UTC time/date specifies exactly one moment in time, and does not need complicated logic to adjust for DST or not. There are no time/dates that might add or subtract an hour (or half hour, or even 15 minute DST adjustments) resulting in one time/date mapping to more than one moment in time.

    3. Most players can easily convert from/to UTC, since they know their own offsets and whether DST is in effect for their location. Converting from local time/date to an unknown timezone/location is not so easily done, more so when you consider the effects of DST, if any.

    As it is currently, I have no way to know what "10.07.2021 23:40:48" really means. I can make a guess that it means "July 10", but it could also mean "October 7th". I also have no idea if I need to adjust the time for DST or not, since I do not know where the server is located to even find out if DST is in effect at that location. That means that although I can guess the time is in the UTC+0200 time zone, I still cannot determine if I need to adjust for DST or not.

    While some issues are avoided by something such as displaying a duration of, for example, "1 hour(s) 15 min(s) 30 sec(s)", there are also some times in which the display gives the time/date without any other indication or clue, such as in the Towns or Military logs, or expected arrival of various items/fleets, and so on. For a strategy type game, it is very frustrating when I cannot actually plan a strategy because I am not certain of how the timing of events will progress. It becomes less like strategy, and more like random dice rolling--which I can do privately in my own home and not bother to play this game.

    Side note regarding the ISO format: In my topic subject I used "." to separate year/month/date/hour/minute/second. The exact character(s) used are not relevant; You could use "-" or "/" to separate the date parts, and ":" to separate the time parts. You could also omit them entirely, as in an ISO-style timestamp of "20210710T234048Z", which is still human readable and understandable which part is which.