STOMT:Eighth Month's Summary

  • Hello there. I wanted to show you the summary in the eighth month of the message stack. Some suggestion,some very angry people. My goal,of course,is not to invite everyone to a protest. Just to highlight the important ones among those written to make spam. I hope it works. :thumbup:  badidol

    "More chances to win Ambrosia for free."

    "Double to capacity of cargo ships."

    "If it's going to pillage,cargo ships should be 2 times faster (both when on the ocean and when loading raw materials)."

    "Give Ambrosia at Christmas like before."

    "Give Ambrosia as 7th day bonus."

    "The game was less P2W."

    "Don't just to convey our messages all the time. At the same time,convey us what is done in GF."

    "Rather than erasing when not in use,Daily Tasks' favors work otherwise."

    "Make a tournament between alliances."

    "Make more detailed economic adjustments in towns."

    "Make a new server where multi account is illegal."

    "Be understandable."

    "Write an answer."

    "Do a clean-up for spam messages."

    "I wish we didn't have to use cargo ships for towns on same island."

    "I would like to know what the purpose of this is."

    "You are really great."

    "Museum's work is impossible with inactive players."

    This is not the end. ;)


  • If your bored come to beta server where we have guys with 500,000 general scores cruising around.

    Every man for himself on beta server. We are lawless here,anything go's.

  • If your bored come to beta server where we have guys with 500,000 general scores cruising around.

    Every man for himself on beta server. We are lawless here,anything go's.

    So did you write this to STOMT? :/

    We're moving on. 8)

    "I can donate favor I earned from Daily Tasks to monuments."

    "Add minor side games that offer rewards such as faster construction,faster production."

    "Make more upgrade in Workshop and more research in Academy."

    "Nobody must attack from newly built Pirate Fortress. It must have been some time since its construction (maybe 1 month)."

    "You bore me."

    "I wish wars (as in other games) can be watched."

    "Waiting for 15 minutes in war is terrible."

    "Be less P2W with more players like in good old days."

    "I wish mobile app hadn't been so bad."

    "Remove Black Market."

    "Restart Ares (war server) but without piracy. Ares becomes more severe."

    "I don't know. Maybe you can make a new version."

    "I like Ikariam. Because it's good."

    "Let's make units from mythological creatures."

    "Pirate Fortress should be built at least 2 days after a colony is built. Otherwise meaningless things happen in piracy."

    "Have Notification plugin for browsers."

    "Update graphics."

    This is not the end. ;)


  • We're moving on. 8)

    "I believe more building grounds would be extremely helpful."

    "Fix or remove unused monuments."

    "Live forever."

    "I like Ikariam. Because it's wonderful."

    "With piracy,Ikariam insults to its 10 years. It must destroy it. Actually as Antique Age this would be better."

    "Stop being P2W."

    "It should have a new feature like watch live in attack or defense."

    "Add rewarding mini games that can be played while waiting for the constructions."

    "Have an endpoint."

    "Make a method that shows achievements and gives gold and raw materials depending on the success even after levels are over."

    "I like Ikariam. Because it's a real strategy game."

    "Prohibit 1 player from colonizing whole island."

    "I like Ikariam. Because this is a different game. In addition to complex strategy that revives the player's mind,it also shows how life used to be."

    "Take action now."

    "Change Museum's way of work."

    "Take care of old servers now instead of always opening a new one."

    "Do something for advanced players now."

    This is not the end. ;)


  • just one question..

    Any result into the game from the STOMPT ?

    Just one answer. :/

    When everybody say "Give it up.",the hope says "Try once more." ;)

    We're moving on. 8)

    "Don't be so dependent to Ambrosia. It's obvious that you want to win. At least do it fair."

    "Set a limit on how many times a day someone can move a town. Teleported units are annoying."

    "Is it possible to accelerate researches? They last too long."

    "It should be possible to win Ambrosia from Daily Tasks. For example 1 Ambrosia for 1000 favors."

    "Let us invite our friends. Because together we can create a great empire and a good strategic plan."

    "Make hardships or put monsters to earn raw materials or Ambrosia."

    "Be more interactive with more animations."

    "Communicate more with players."

    "Make challenges that its reward is Ambrosia."

    "Give advantages to those who have played for years."

    "Make a new building called Union where we can employ citizens to reduce construction times. Let the gold that you pay to workers vary according to government form. For example let doubling in Oligarchy and be 0 in Democracy."

    "Instead of breaking the game for big wins,adjust a developer now."

    "I like Ikariam. Because I'm playing."

    "Make the game more based on Greek style."

    "Stop opening new servers all the time and merge servers now. It's getting ridiculous."

    "You keep getting worse."

    "Go back to some old things to reactivate the increasingly boring game."

    This is not the end. ;)


  • if you could be intresting about...

    OGame can make the merge of the servers....

    So you want me to make summaries for OGame as well? :/

    We're moving on. 8)

    "Destroy Black Market used by accounts that seem to be out of one hand. Because of it,my account is abiding against exaggerated wars."

    "Improve Gyrocopter. Thus,when enemy has no air power left,it can attack land power."

    "Pirate Fortress should be built by reaching to Town Hall Level 15. It prohibits multi accounts and creates equality. Also crew and range limit should depend to Town Hall."

    "Let building 12th town come cheaper. It's very difficult to do without Ambrosia. I can say that it's impossible."

    "Bring back Version 0.3.1."

    "Make Bank building that gives gold or raw material loans."

    "Merge servers. Everyone is already leaving."

    "I like Ikariam. Because this is a good game."

    "I like Ikariam. Because this is incredible."

    "Let it be to be able to win Ambrosia."

    "I like Ikariam. Because I don't know."

    "As the number of alliance members increases,production speed of alliance members (troops/ships,research points) increases."

    "I like Ikariam. Because I like ancient civilizations."

    "I like Ikariam. Because this is cool."

    "I like Ikariam. Because this is a very interesting game."

    "Add more functions to economy."

    "Explain the game a little more."

    This is not the end. ;)


  • We're moving on. 8)

    "Make competitions for players and alliances."

    "I like Ikariam. Because I've been playing this game since I was 10 years old."

    "Make the game more real and more interactive as 3D."

    "Read messages and change some things in the game."

    "Destroy piracy that's main reason that this game is dead."

    "Piracy caused you to lose 80% of players. You're putting pressure on remaining players now."

    "Everything is going bad because of Ambrosia."

    "There is Ambrosia for only 12 towns and limited possibilities. But there is the game itself forever. George Orwell's novel (1984) is actualizing here as well now."

    "Read Moderators' responses in forum. They're better than evening news with their players."

    "Interest in new server should last longer than Godly Protection."

    "I want all of you to register honestly for the game once."

    "The working system of Museum should be changed. Because there are inactive servers and happiness decreases when Cultural Asset Treaties are erased."

    "Let's move town with gold,but let the fee is high. So nobody can abuse it."

    "I like Ikariam. Because this is a good game."

    "Merge servers. It's time again."

    "Rearrange battles to make them more entertaining and faster."

    "I like Ikariam. Because this is very amazing."

    This is not the end. ;)


  • Most stromt action on beta was about things I cant mention in a certain way like the top 50 general score holders having anywhere from 100.000 to 13 million gen scores.

    Or the pleading for change to fix this.

    Or the pleading for a GO to enforce the terms and agreements.

    This is what the stromts look like on beta.

    Stop the illegal multis please!

    I cant post the rest as it would get me many warnings.

    Glad to see your server is doing ok.

  • I am more and more convinced that to make illegal multi accounts disappear, the only way is to transform the game from a co-operative to an individual game.

    why is it better to have several illegal accounts on the same server?

    There are two main reasons

    To take advantage of donations and to make one's own account grow faster and more than the opponents'.

    to benefit from piracy

    if donations to quarries would only increase the production of an individual quarry

    if piracy worked like the barbarian village.

    then I think 90% of the multi-illegal accounts would disappear.


  • sorry

    I was forgetting something trivial but very important:

    inhibit the possibility of transporting resources to other players, except through the market.

    And if possible, only allow 1:1 resource exchanges in the marketplace.


  • Before you can edit it and publish it on STOMT,you will first need to convert it to image format. :/

    We're moving on. 8)

    "For what purpose does this place exist? You don't do what 95% of players want,but you only do what 5% of players (players that have money) make you a lot of money."

    "Your forum is unnecessary. Who searches forever and clicks 100 times more than before? Do you have an agreement with mouse vendors?"

    "You are so boring,Ikariam."

    "Add emojis to the messaging section in the game."

    "A feature that triples Warehouse's capacity for be able to build one more town would be good."

    "I had forgotten this game for 2 years and I remembered today why."

    "Don't let to multi accounts."

    "Develop yourself further. No struggle should be more lifeless."

    "Merge old servers. Otherwise,Ikariam will die."

    "When the port was occupied,I wish pirates couldn't leave the port and go to pirate raid or mission."

    "It would be better if there were 2 options as "nickname and password" or "e-mail and password" in login."

    "I like Ikariam. Because it helps me to imagine Ancient Greece."

    "I suffer as a senior player."

    "Let's make more Cultural Asset Treaties with same player."

    "Regale us."

    "I like Ikariam. Because this is a cool game."

    "I like Ikariam. Because this is funny to play with friends. Also,fun never ends."

    This is not the end. ;)


  • Simple fix,make it so if you come out of v.mode you cant go back into v.mode for 24 hours.That kills the gen banks who can burn up to 3 million an hour and keeps the gold banks from transferring a half billion gold to the guy that owns the illegal multi. Easy peasy.

  • We're moving on. 8)

    "Give at least 20 Ambrosia to new players."

    "I like Ikariam. Because this is my first game."

    "I like Ikariam. Because I need more feedback."

    "I like Ikariam. Because this game is wonderful."

    "I like Ikariam. It's been addictive since I started helping my son. He isn't playing now. But I've to login every day."

    "Make a fishing lake."

    "Always be a better strategist."

    "Destroy Lobby system. It's boring and causes me want to exit the game."

    "Give opportunity to move all towns at the same time."

    "Let's collect raw material production in a town (by assigning workers) to a single point."

    "Do something now against drop in the number of players that has been felt in last 5 years. You were a perfect game back then."

    "This game has already failed."

    "More people used to play formerly."

    "Put small daily events like Gladiatus. For example transport 25% more raw materials."

    "Do PVE style events."

    "Make more upgrades in Workshop."

    "I like Ikariam because of its strategy."

    This is not the end. ;)


  • We're moving on. 8)

    "I would like to see that suggestions that written here will be implemented now."

    "Players shouldn't be able to ruin island faith that others do. Everyone should be self-responsible."

    "Make a only PVE server."

    "Be much better."

    "Add option to group colonies by raw material type. So the list doesn't look scattered."

    "Someone fix this confusion now."

    "The town must be bigger. Because its map is huge."

    "I like Ikariam. Because this is the most wonderful game in the world."

    "How nice it would be if there were animals."

    "Don't let multi accounts anymore."

    "Merge servers to create excitement. The game got boring."

    This is not the end. ;)


  • We're moving on. 8)

    "Give better daily rewards."

    "Let's get Ambrosia with gold."

    "Make NPCs that we can only loot one type of raw material."

    "Have a responsive (compatible with screen) web design."

    "More players means more interesting game."

    "To the right of mountain,there should be a special building ground for Temple only."

    "Instead of spending 4 building grounds for Warehouse and 1 building ground for Dump,make 1 private Warehouse building that expands as you research."

    "Be more popular."

    "Don't be P2W."

    "Stop making a new server."

    The end:?:


  • they did a useless thing

    completely useless

    useless to do it

    useless because it did not give concrete results in the game

    useless to remove the link ...suggestions will remain unheard