STOMT:Seventh Month's Summary

  • Yes,our summary article series is back. 8) As this interesting year ends,we wish you healthy days in 2021. :saint:

    Hello there. I wanted to show you the summary in the seventh month of the message stack. Some suggestion,some very angry people. My goal,of course,is not to invite everyone to a protest. Just to highlight the important ones among those written to make spam. I hope it works. :thumbup:  badidol

    "I like Ikariam. Because it's interesting,strategic,beautiful game and has high gameplay."

    "Let's be able to change target of ship while it sail."

    "I haven't been here for 6 years and there is nothing new."

    "I like Ikariam. Because it reminds me of my childhood."

    "Let's make building ground with gold."

    "Server merge instead of Lobby was better."

    "All available games are constantly changing and updating. Ikariam has been same for years."

    "Add a clock to Tavern that tells us when wine will end."

    "Merge servers. The game will die if you don't bring us together."

    "Buildings such as Trading Post or Museum have become a nuisance."

    "I want to marry Katja Eberle." (She worked in Gameforge's Human Resources department.)

    "Add 2 building grounds to left of town. This is a waste of land."

    "I like Ikariam. Because it includes me to the game completely. Especially when there are wars."

    "Make a server in old version. Even for a limited time."

    "For God's sake,merge servers."

    "I like Ikariam. Because it's so wonderful."

    "Let players be nightmare of inactive towns."

    "It should be loaded loot faster in inactive towns. So it becomes easier to empty."

    This is not the end. ;)

  • We're moving on. 8)

    "Account transfer feature should be removed."

    "I like Ikariam. Because this is funny."

    "Make various details as weather condition and 2 different views in form of day and night."

    "Let's collect wood together with workers."

    "Write the number that we can actually do when we click on the "maximum" link in Barracks."

    "I like Ikariam. Because it makes me feel like I live in prosperity."

    "I like Ikariam. Because this makes me feel strong."

    "Be cool."

    "When is this game be fixed?"

    "Future Researchs shouldn't be too expensive and not take too much time. This is a big problem."

    "Make animations in battle reports."

    "Future Researchs should give benefit a little bit more."

    "When Barbarians attack you,their morale should decrease (for a while) according to the amount you kill."

    "Many of us already reached to construction limit. So don't kill the game."

    "Make less astronomic prices in the Shop."

    "Increase maximum Workshop level to 40 and development levels to 4 or 5."

    "Let's take slaves from Barbarian Village."

    "Collect nine servers on one server. Let the World Map be 300x300 instead of 100x100."

    This is not the end. ;)

  • We're moving on. 8)

    "I like Ikariam. Because this is a strategy game that makes us feel like honest generals of the war and peace kingdom."

    "Have old war system. Current war system is so incompetent that simple system of the game mutated and looked like Simcity."

    "Rounds in battle should last 2 or 3 minutes."

    "Let us be aware of the occupation of other towns on island."

    "Thanks for this game."

    "Make more PVE scenarios for alliance members to win together."

    "Allow creation of Alliance Castle building,which will provide special benefits to alliance." ( Soupy2 ) :thumbup:

    "Be like in old days."

    "Go back to good and old Ikariam days."

    "I like Ikariam. Because this is unbelievable."

    "Exterminate piracy. Return to Ikariam 2009,when there was pillage of gold. It was age of Ikariam."

    "Add a unit that can repair the Steam Giant and other machine units." ( Soupy2 ) :thumbup:

    "Let's manage spies from Military Advisor."

    "Prepare more explanations and instructions for beginners."

    "Make a more interactive experience."

    "Give players such advantages as Ambrosia based on their progress."

    This is not the end. ;)

  • We're moving on. 8)

    "Exterminate the Lobby system. Because it's unnecessary. Going to another page to open the game is annoying."

    "Increase the number of cargo ships according to the number of towns. Every town give 30 cargo ships. So we get 360 cargo ships."

    "Museum is a disaster. I can't make my citizens happy. Because I can't make a treaty."

    "Give right to remove account from the Lobby system."

    "This happens if you don't listen players. Do at least 1% of suggestions."

    "Add experience levels to troops. Give +5% damage/health per level and only equal levels can be added to a slot."

    "You're terrible."

    "There are many more interactive and funny games without be online."

    "Black Market and Pirate Fortress should definitely be removed."

    "Due to "warehouse accounts",the game turned to from "war game" to "farm game"."

    "Can we want to merge? The game got boring and many people left. We hope a global unification."

    "I like Ikariam. Because gameplay mechanics is stunning."

    "I like Ikariam. Years passed by and it's still a funny game."

    "Let's donate gold in mine and monument upgrades."

    "I like Ikariam. Because it's funny."

    "I want to say that you're a very boring game now."

    "We want all online players. They'll play on one server."

    This is not the end. ;)

  • We're moving on. 8)

    "Stop removing cultural goods from treaties. It's difficult to find an alternative on empty servers when a player disappears."

    "Let's win Ambrosia with additional missions as in most games that contains items."

    "Units that escape in the war should either fight against us or leave for good."

    "Let's adjust wine in Tavern as we adjust workers and priests."

    "Make sure that up to 2 accounts per IP are associated,as many of them take advantage of this for their own benefits."

    "I want to make the best of cargo ships and/or Trading Post building. For example,someone will both sell wine and buy marble. I want to buy wine and sell marble. In this case,I must send her/him empty cargo ships,then wine must come back,then I must send her/him marble,then empty cargo ships must come back. Make "Bilateral treaty" (TCP) to make sense. Thus Trading Post establishes connection and there will be no empty cargo ship that going."

    "Make more tactical options for battles."

    "Add Bank building that only will be in capital (like Palace). Maintenance costs will decrease according to the number of employees that we'll employ in Bank."

    "Enlarge character limit so that we can make detailed suggestions."

    "I like Ikariam. Because this is the best strategy game ever."

    "Are there still playing the game or depositing it?"

    "I like Ikariam. Because this game is great."

    "Have a section that we can chat with everyone on server."

    "Don't make so big World Map. Put players closer together."

    This is not the end. ;)

  • We're moving on. 8)

    "Daily Tasks should give Ambrosia."

    "Players that haven't multi account also should have a chance to win in Piracy."

    "Do whatever you want from things that make you happy."

    "Things we wrote in here should actualize. But we found Lobby system."

    "Add more levels to Barbarian Village."

    "I like Ikariam. Because I'm in love with it."

    "Be here forever."

    "Add ship as award to Daily Tasks."

    "Make players have fun with battles/events/awards/ships."

    "To make it easier to see,make background color black instead of yellow and make other colors lighter."

    "When you research Economic Future Level 3,one building ground should be opened in capital."

    "Only gold should come as a reward from "Smugglers" (first mission of Pirate Fortress) for see someone that work more than 2.5 minutes."

    "I like Ikariam. Because it focuses to old times."

    "Be a fair game."

    "We should win something when all researches is over."

    "Everyone came to end these days. What will we do now?"

    "I like Ikariam. Because this is a strategy game."

    This is not the end. ;)

  • We're moving on. 8)

    "Make a new type of war."

    "I want this game to be attractive again."

    "People who responsible of existence of this game should do something."

    "It should be possible to win free Ambrosia."

    "I wish Ikariam would be as before. It gets worse with every update."

    "Fix to birds' fly."

    "I like Ikariam. No problem."

    "Citizens must drink less or Tavern and Museum must make our citizens more happy."

    "Pirate Fortress and Black Market should be removed."

    "I like Ikariam. Because this is funny."

    "It would be fair if share of gold and resource income was taken from occupied town."

    "They don't even read these messages."

    "Give one-time free Ambrosia to everyone for encourage."

    "Let town appearance change more frequently at higher levels."

    "It should be possible that challenges to win or win free Ambrosia."

    "Change war system."

    This is not the end. ;)

  • We're moving on. 8)

    "I like Ikariam. Because management is more important than army. You've to be a manager before you become a general."

    "Facilitate to finish researches."

    "Change cultural good function. It doesn't make sense anymore with many inactive people."

    "You were a nice game until you let multi accounts for you get the most profit."

    "Give more Ambrosia at the beginning and make it cheaper later."

    "Engage as a game designer for Ikariam."

    "Build a building that speeds up construction."

    "Make updates constantly. Even make announcements all the time."

    "I like Ikariam. Thank you."

    "Surprise us."

    "The game itself is already a bit boring. We joined the game because of recession. Because we resisted and we don't want to leave our friends."

    "The game no longer motivates. No interesting updates. There is a recession."

    "I like Ikariam. Because this is very exciting."

    "I like Ikariam. Because this is very good."

    "I like Ikariam. Because this game has fun and action."

    "I like Ikariam. This is the best game based on antiquity."

    "Enlarge message limit. 5 messages in 5 minutes is never enough for me."

    This is not the end. ;)

  • We're moving on. 8)

    "Listen to what's written here. You were always unaware of your players."

    "Enable serial donations for Helios Tower. So it burns more often."

    "Make cargo ships with larger capacity than before."

    "The game is going quite slowly. It's terrible to play."

    "I like Ikariam. Because I need to write something."

    "Let's take units captive."

    "I like Ikariam. Because I can learn English."

    "I like Ikariam. Because I like to challenge."

    "Do something against "wholesale piracy". Because there are always same people with different identities."

    "What's the purpose? If nobody will read our suggestions or do anything to implement at least one of them,this is an empty promise."

    "Please destroy "warehouse accounts"."

    "Organize an event to win Ambrosia."

    "Destroy multi accounts."

    This is not the end. ;)

  • We're moving on. 8)

    "GF should understand that it can no longer continue like this."

    "There is too much waiting. It kills the game."

    "Reduce the time that I spend on login to the game."

    "I like Ikariam. Because I travel in time."

    "Have players who can write English properly."

    "It should be possible to cancel pirate raid."

    "Give Ambrosia as gift."

    "Let's build Palace Level 11 without Ambrosia."

    "Have a Town Wall in sea."

    "I like Ikariam. Because this is very funny."

    "Make Ambrosia rewarded missions."

    "I like Ikariam. Because it contains realistic development stages."

    "We are in 21st century. Computers are in our pocket now and we want to use."

    The end:?: