international meeting of players

  • Good afternoon, everyone,

    I have a dream.

    There are a lot of countries in Ikariam, so you can get to know players from other countries.

    An international tavern would be good for that, wouldn't it?

    In this tavern everyone is welcome and can help to communicate with the DeepL/translator

    To communicate, you could communicate in the same language for everyone, like

    The CoMa could decide which language it is.

    In this tavern, open around the clock, one could taste specialities from all countries and exchange experiences of ikariam .

    What do you think of that?

    Could you answer with:

    :thumbup:if you agree

    :thumbdown:if you don't agree

    I hope my dream will be realized


    grazie a Milly x la bellissima firma!:*

  • Since there are a few communities that isn't big enough to warrant a forum-section of their own there is a section called "International".

    Would you consider the Off Topic subsection there as something of the like you are looking for you can find it here...

    Or if not, what (on a more technical standpoint) did you have in mind?

  • whatI have in mind is like an international server

    But I see, other players are not answering; so I can think, it's not a good idea

    People who want meeting other players will do it with jumping in the differents communities

    Please close my thread,

    thank you


    grazie a Milly x la bellissima firma!:*