Piracy gamelog counter

  • Currently (I don't know since when) the staff is running a gamelog counter that flags players as cheaters when they click the Capture button more often than a certain threshold number of times within a certain time frame.

    However, this threshold can easily be reached just by sitting at your screen and clicking that button regularly for 2.5 minute runs, the lowest Pirate Fortress level. This is not against the rules and therefore flagging it as cheating is a bug. In the operating software, not the game software, but a bug nonetheless.

  • This is not a bug and there is nothing to fix. If you have any issue with a ban for piracy scripting, please open a tickeThanks

    Enlighten me. What else but a bug produces incorrect results, and why don't you want to see it fixed?

    This is not about scripting. If it flags the illegal use of a script, it works as intended. This is about the fact that it also flags users that simply click the Capture button a lot. It is very easy to reproduce, it just takes some time.

    And we can do without the ad hominems.

  • The support system is for complaints. This is a bug report. If you don't understand the difference, leave it to people that do.


    We won't discuss here how the implemented system works.

    You're not asked to do that, you're asked to solve the bug and report back, nothing more.

  • Prins Ogidius you have already opened a ticket a week ago, that is currently at CoMa level. The discussion about our systems, how they work, how they are intended to work, and - in particular - about your situation, is currently in the hands of a Gameforge employee, who has the responsibility to tell you everything Gameforge can discuss with a player, and more, if they decide that it is possible. We - as Game or Forum staff - can't tell you nothing more than we already told you, I'm sorry.

    Kind regards


  • And I'll repeat: there is no bug in the current anti-bot script to report, it works as intended already for years. Thanks!

    We are aware of your opinion, thanks. Constantly repeating it is spam.

    Bugs can stay unnoticed for a while. Once discovered, they need to be investigated. Replication is normally the first step. From the initial post it's clear how that is done.

    Further, the piracy bot was changed recently. Your script from years ago probably won't detect it anymore. I can't test this myself because it doesn't run on my system.

  • Thank you for your suggestions, but since you have a direct channel with CoMa, now, please move such doubts to him, since it is totally useless to discuss here about something we can't talk about.

    Kind regards

  • Thanks for explaining the restrictions that Gameforge has put on Ikariam operating staff.

    However, while staff seems nearly omnipresent, there are still some non-staff forum members that face no such restrictions.