How to Beat LION Alliance in Lips Server in Ikariam

  • Introduction

    Hello Ikariam players! I have not been around for long, but I've hit a few rough patches in my time here, and I believe I could use my experience to help you guys overcome similar difficulties. So let's get started.

    LION Alliance

    Many players have had issues with this alliance. From what I've heard, these guys are the head-honchos on the server. Many people are curious on the subject of where they have their headquarters, who are the most dangerous members, and what they can do to avoid conflict. I'll list the answers to some of the basic questions below:


    LION has a large presence on many islands. However, I have discerned that island Traisios(92,84) is their headquarters. Their are only 3 not-LION players on this island, and all the LION members on this island have high-level town halls. I will not list the details of their towns to avoid angering them, but I assure you, they treat this island as their home, so PLEASE do not colonize this island without their express permission, for your safety

    Primary Members

    LION has many members, but I consider the following players the most powerful in this alliance:

    • Hondo
    • Master
    • Centurion
    • Hamhamcheese

    There may be many more for all I know, but these are the ones I have encountered and found the most dangerous.

    How to Avoid Conflict

    Typically, LION will not mess with you if you keep a distance. That being said, if you do end up on an island with LION members, the worst thing you can do is appear weak. They prey on the weaker players. Donate everything you have to the resource deposit to give them the impression you are a powerful player. Then, start building warehouses. Build them tall and strong. Do not build an army, it will be slaughtered. Then, if none of that deters fear tinkle.


    Yes, this is a short article. I apologize if you still have any questions I did not answer. If there are any, feel free to write them in the comments. If you find anything wrong or offensive in this article, I will alter it immediately. Please tell me if you found this helpful and want similar guides. Thank you for reading.