Important changes to payments with Paysafecard

  • Dear Players,

    due to more regulatory changes within the European Union related to anti money laundering, anonymous online payments become more and more restricted.

    Starting from January 1st 2020, all Paysafecard payments above 50,00€ need to be registered with Paysafecard Account called “myPSC”.

    Paysafecard PINS of 50,00 € or below remain untouched and can be made without a MyPSC account.

    In order to continue making payments above 50,00 € with Paysafecard PINs moving forward, customers will have to register themselves by creating a Paysafecard Account (MyPSC Account).

    More Information about the MyPSC Account on how to create and manage it can be found here:

    Please contact Paysafecard, or our customer support for Gameforge specific questions.

    You can visit our cash shops for more alternative payment options.


    Your Gameforge Payment Team

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