STOMT:Fifth Month's Summary

  • Hello there. I wanted to show you the summary in the fifth month of the message stack. Some suggestion,some very angry people. My goal,of course,is not to invite everyone to a protest. Just to highlight the important ones among those written to make spam. I hope it works. :thumbup: badidol

    "You gotta make the game more social."

    "We should be able to write more."

    "Restrict buying from the Black Market,proportional to Total Score."

    "Limit vacation time to prohibit 1M points accounts with 500k Generals all year round."

    "Add communism as a form of government."

    "Shut down the game."

    "I like Ikariam. Because this is a very good game."

    "Allow players to rearrange buildings either free or with gold (not with Ambrosia)."

    "Will your old style (0.4.5 and earlier) come back one day?"

    "I like Ikariam. Because this is a perfect game."

    "I've played Ikariam irregularly here for several years. Still same. You need to update the times of the buildings."

    "Add ways to earn Ambrosia without spending money to the game."

    "After every 10 levels,change the appearance (marble roads)."

    "Make the looting protection of the Warehouse flexible. So we can distribute the capacity according to the raw material."

    "Surprise me with a little Ambrosia."

    "Keep in mind the final shipping process as raw material and start/end point."

    "I wish you were beautiful."

    "Stay like this."

    This is not the end. ;)


  • We're moving on. 8)

    "The game is good but should be more dynamic. It's very slowing down."

    "Let's damage the building levels while looting a city."

    "I like Ikariam. Because I don't get tired of playing."

    "Don't be too amateur in the beginning."

    "Be a bit more dynamic and interesting in the game. Sometimes monotonous and this is boring."

    "Everything was good."

    "Be serious."

    "May the city be more decorated as the Town Hall rises. Sidewalks on the streets,more houses,more decoration."

    "90% of the islands on my server are empty."

    "Make a new research that give feature for donate to mines automatically."

    "Be innovative. This game has never changed in 10 years."

    "Make the game more funny. Want more and more a competitive game. Want more and more to more improve."

    "A building that defending the port."

    "The capacity of merchant ships can be increased by research or building level."

    "Make innovations in the game."

    "Give the game a new look."

    "As the level of Town Hall increases,give more merchant ships or more merchant ships capacity."

    This is not the end. ;)


  • We're moving on. 8)

    "Piracy through colonialism must be prevented or (at least) it should ask for a certain level of Town Hall."

    "There are still translation errors. I guess nobody reads these notes."

    "Be number 1."

    "Collect all servers on one server. For example,a server that named Pangea."

    "I want some activities from the Barbarian Villages to get some Ambrosia and some bonus."

    "If you shut down the game,it's better. The game is full of tricksters."

    "There's nobody on the server."

    "In the occupation of the city,the maintenance costs of the occupying troops are paid by 50% of the gold income of the occupied city."

    "Let the construction speed be x2."

    "In battles,let have 3 minutes of round time."

    "Prepare two 20 levels for the merchant ship. For increase speed by 5% in each level and for increase capacity +100 in each level."

    "Keep in mind the final shipping process as raw material and start/end point."

    "Redesign the war system."

    "More innovation,more war system,more new arrangements. Otherwise the game will go bankrupt."

    "I like Ikariam. Because this is a legendary game."

    "I like Ikariam. I'm in love to the game."

    "I like Ikariam. Like you too."

    This is not the end. ;)


  • Speed servers are pretty common stuff in some other MMO games, i think this attraction may bring some much needed activity to the game

  • We're moving on. 8)

    "Add more strategies (such as placing units) during preparation for battles."

    "Adapt the entire system to today's time/playability and refresh it."

    "I think we mustn't do a pirate attack to the people who we're in the same alliance and the people who we're sharing IP."

    "More events. Please give us that feeling again."

    "Due to the high cost,building upgrades are available hardly. The game is becoming to a boring thing."

    "Shut down the game."

    "Let give 10% of the production in the occupied city to the occupier."

    "A research that increases the capacity of merchant ships."

    "Be more active again."

    "I'm gonna leave sooner or later."

    "The arrival of piracy disrupted the game completely. Remove piracy."

    "The animations were more realistic. It isn't that the raw materials are brought from the island to the Town Hall instead of the Warehouse or to leave the Town Hall instead of the Warehouse and go to the Trading Port."

    "No fake account. There will be only 1 account per person with phone number verification."

    "Give free Ambrosia randomly and often to people who have bought it in the past."

    "Do something."

    "Make longer list of friends. We can only have 12 friends."

    "Let the Palace continue to develop after level 11."

    This is not the end. ;)


  • We're moving on. 8)

    "Make wars as they once were. Not as it's now."

    "Reduce World Map. It's very big. You must transcend very long distances for any operation."

    "Be more funny. Believe in the famous 5th island that spoken since ancient times."

    "We're only a few people."

    "Be happy."

    "The number of crews should fall in pirate attacks where within the alliance. So the little ones also can have a chance."

    "Explain why you need here for feedback."

    "Don't be so boring."

    "If we lose or win gold even while on vacation mode,we'll avoid these "cow" accounts."

    "Go back to old war system (2010)."

    "When a city is occupied,a part of the city's production can be collected as tax."

    "Merge servers before we all retire."

    "Let have animations in battles."

    "Update graphics."

    "Go back to the old design that your early days."

    "Make Ambrosia rain to town."

    This is not the end. ;)


  • We're moving on. 8)

    "Remove the Black Market. The Black Market killed the game. There is no more war between the alliances. Because there's no point in fighting an alliance where everyone can buy unlimited armies. There is no point in making a strong account for 10 years in an environment where someone who has been playing for only 1 month can have more army."

    "The war has always been meaningless because of you can't cause permanent damage. Even if you've cleaned all enemy cities several times."

    "It would be nice if all the monuments (except Hephaistos' Forge and the Temple of Poseidon) were removed and turned into these two."

    "Change the battle system or another something. The game has been same for 9 years."

    "Make days when production is x2."

    "Do something."

    "Some new features to make the game more interactive."

    "Tell us which inactive account will be deleted when."

    "Actually,you should actualize some suggestions."

    "Give us Ambrosia as a gift."

    "After Level 25 Town Hall,add more details to the city."

    "When we send troops to an allied city,don't double the maintenance cost."

    "Honor the gamers."

    "I like Ikariam. Because it's a smart game."

    "Let's make the number of cities more than 12 (maybe 20). So we can be everywhere on the map."

    This is not the end. ;)


  • We're moving on. 8)

    "Make more levels to Stonemason."

    "Ambrosia rewards for Daily Tasks."

    "Make sure that multi accounts doesn't help looting or anything else and it's already over together with the fake accounts of this piracy."

    "I like Ikariam. Because this is the best game. But it shouldn't be forgotten. We need new tournaments,promotions and updates."

    "There are empty or single-player islands."

    "Make a general update of everything that is spoken here."

    "At least,let make loot (as gold) from players who inactives and players who on vacation mode."

    "Go to heaven."

    "Build a building called the Artist's House. An artwork's production should take 3 months. You get to be able to offer its artwork in the Museum. But they'll be lootable."

    "Let's save this big game."

    "I like Ikariam. Because I've been playing for over 10 years."

    "Limit the number of looting."

    "If I plundered the city,I get raw material that I want."

    "Make islands and cities with different designs."

    "No interest to the game anymore."

    "Adjust a member limit for alliances."

    This is not the end. ;)


  • We're moving on. 8)

    "Make a temporary bonus to load loot faster in any player's all cities."

    "Refresh the game completely."

    "Reduce the time that needed to heighten the empire."

    "I like Ikariam. Because it's very cool."

    "Have a serious (not childish) design."

    "Why are so few players?"

    "Would it be good to get Ambrosia (in addition to wine) as a 7th day bonus?"

    "The game became unbearable."

    "Make a tab that shows everything that build now in "all" cities. Moreover,the tab should include the cities in the order in which they were established and then what was built (for example,the Town Hall in 1-9 and the Museum in 2-3). The finish time must also be shown. If nothing is being built in a city,don't show it in tab. This would be a great way to more effectively manage the construction of things in all cities without having to go to each city to see what was built and the remaining level upgrade time. I also believe that when you're in the capital,you need to know what's going on in all the cities. So this can be a feature that you can only reach while you're in the capital."

    "Give Ambrosia as the 7th day bonus."

    "Town Wall has almost no role. Expensive to develop. It never provides defense."

    "Make the cavalry unit. It should be a very fast unit. Place to the flanks. It should be good in attack and should be bad in defense."

    "Meet our needs and be better."

    "I like Ikariam. Because I don't know."

    This is not the end. ;)

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  • Is it good? :whistling:  Kikoguns

    We're moving on. 8)

    "Make the Persian Empire version."

    "Do something wisely. For example,do barbarian attacks once a week (not every day)."

    "I wish you'd been there for me before."

    "Limit barbarian attacks to once a week (not every day). Initial levels probably exceed the limit. It's painful to play."

    "Do something."

    "Merge the servers. Stop making a new one. I wrote it here. So you can read it really and take it seriously."

    "Let's be able to sell our merchant ships."

    "I like Ikariam. Because I remember that we played it with friends from high school for hours (until dawn). Thanks."

    "I like Ikariam. Because the game is good."

    "Do what we want quickly. Don't treat us like stupids asking something to you every day of the year."

    "Let the experiment be added to the list of Daily Tasks."

    "Let's win Ambrosia as achievement's award."

    "Make a server (like the old days) where no piracy and Ambrosia has no meaning."

    "Finish the project."

    "Give the fighters an award."

    "More capacity. Because everybody doesn't want to make a deposit."

    "I like Ikariam. Because I want Ambrosia."

    This is not the end. ;)


  • We're moving on. 8)

    "Don't continue."

    "Look why the Barbarians attacked the same city twice in the same day. It isn't funny."

    "I like Ikariam. Because it's easy to play. But it could have been better."

    "Don't compel me to destroy myself despite the lobby."

    "Mind that more and more users are afraid of after each deterioration."

    "I don't think Stomt works. It's full of very good ideas that has never received support and nonsenses that has received a lot of support."

    "Bring the game to life."

    "Never change the game."

    "Make shorter ages to make the game fluenter and not to lose interest."

    "Stop adding stupid features that no one wants. Listen to community really instead. Otherwise,what does Stomt work?"

    "Pure things disappeared for interest."

    "I think the management is malfunctioning."

    "I like Ikariam. Because this is a cool game."

    "Erase everything that's garbage."

    "See what happens to the game. There are 4 people online at Dionysos. Four with writing."

    "Don't show the cookie warning repeatedly. When my browser close,it makes the cookie cleaning. Keep in mind."

    This is not the end. ;)


  • We're moving on. 8)

    "I don't know who found the lobby,but it was a very bad idea. This is an useless thing."

    "GF isn't ready to make an innovation. We need to simplify it a little."

    "Enlarge the character limit of the Notes section."

    "Be funny again."

    "Nobody plays anymore."

    "Don't draw away the game from the mobile app market. Because only 1 application is required now."

    "Bring back the good old game."

    "What did you've stopped again with this lobby?"

    "In achievements,the last level of Pillager achievement must be 400 million. Write how much that we plunder in somewhere. The game won't show me when it's past 40 million."

    "I like Ikariam. Because this game is the best."

    "Replace the buttons on the login. So it doesn't open the page in a new window/tab. Just connect without opening anything new."

    "Let's rebuild Town Wall that broken in battle. Otherwise it'll be ruined."

    "Be simple to play."

    "Fire the developer immediately."

    "People left from the game."

    "It's monotone. A lot of people leave."

    "I like Ikariam. Because this is an old game that made in a modern way."

    This is not the end. ;)


  • We're moving on. 8)

    "If the barbarians attack a city,they must have an effect after the war."

    "Logging in to 2 accounts is totally killing."

    "In the pirate attack,the attacker also can lose points."

    "I like Ikariam. Because this is an intellectual game."

    "Stop ignoring the players."

    "Make the game more attractive. It's obsolete. I don't want to play. I'm doing same thing every day. There isn't a different thing."

    "Supported account transfer should come back immediately. With the lobby update,this is important. Servers are dying. While high-score players can give their accounts to new players,they'll all just die slowly. Supported account transfer was a flawed system. But at least it enabled continuity for servers."

    "Advertise more to get new players."

    "The last update is an error."

    "Change the function of Colossus."

    "I like Ikariam. Because it's funny."

    This is not the end. ;)


  • We're moving on. 8)

    "Don't disrupt the game."

    "I'd fight with the lobby to enter."

    "It's a very nice game."

    "You should think about that. "Why are fewer and fewer people playing the game?""

    "Make more options to earn gold. The majority of players are in coma because of gold. The game has changed itself to "enter and wait"."

    "Don't ban people trying to help the game by making useful add-ons."

    "Listen and make the game better."

    "I like Ikariam. Because apart from remembering part of human history,it's a good hobby."

    "Not bad."

    "Do the right thing."

    The end :?: