New board, some tips and tricks

  • Hey guys,

    as you can see, there have been some changes with the new board.

    I will show you the changes, explain them and I will explain how you will get your board sorted and orderd and how to post and label threads with the new system.

    The most important change is, that the communities US & ORG have been fused together ONLY within the boardsection.

    What does this mean? All english-speaking communties (ORG & US) share the same board section from now on. Which means that you will encouter players as well as teamlers from both communities in the threads here. Which actually shouldn't cause any problem since we share the same language :)

    For many here the new board might be a little overwhelming, and i can see why. When opening the board for the first time you will encouter that ALL Ikariam communties have been fused into this board. You have several options to get a better overview over the sections you want to see though.
    If you are only interested in the news of the "English" section you can use this link: English
    Here you will only see the English section and you won't be bothered with any other community.

    If however, you play or moderate (in my case) in several communities the solution shown above is no option... *meeh*
    But there is another option to make your life easier in that case =) *yay*

    Select the language sections:

    First of all, you should know that with the current design some of the computer screens don't show the whole of the board... so if you are searching for icons I'll show you in my explanation, please check if the board is really completely pictured on your screen :)

    Go onto the main page and search at the outer right corner for a crossed out eye icon an click on it:

    When you did that the following pop-up should appear:

    If you do not wish to see the "International section" you just remove the check mark right in fron of "International" and the whole lot of the subforums will get demarked too.
    Do this with every section you do not need or wish to see and the board will only show you your wanted sections. And please don't forget to hit the button "SUBMIT" to save your changes

    So far for the easier overview around our new board for the language/ community sections.

    Now to creating and searching for topics/ threads:

    The US & ORG communities have some servers with exactly the same names... which can cause some confusion in finding the right thread for the right community and server. Therefore we do have so called language labels and labels for servers.

    By creating a new thread you can choose between some different options:

    The first choice is different, depending in what section you are writing. In my case I chose "Tutorial", since this is what I am doing here.

    The second option is about the language label:

    When clicking on it you'll get a drop-down menu. In around the upper half of the drop down menu you will find the EN label. On the bottom you will find the US one.

    The last option is for chosing a server, (relevant for war declarations, alliance topics, and so on ...)

    If your topic is a general one for all servers you don't need to make any choice here.

    If you followed all these steps and you have posted it you will find threads with these labels:

    In this example you can see that even if both topics are about cultural treaties and they both are for the beta server, they still differ in it's language label.

    EN stands for the ORG servers

    US stands for the US servers

    so take care when searching for the right server and community :)

    One last hint towards filter options:

    If you click on one of the labels, your board will refresh and the page will now show posts with the label you clicked on.

    This can come in handy if you search for certain servers or commutiy relevant information.

    You also have the possibility to set a filteroption:

    Click this and you will have a pop-up appearing:

    Here you can search for different options at once. If you are only interested in posts of a certain server & community you can set the options in the pop-up window and it will search for threads with these labels.

    In you are in the section of "Worlds and Hall of Fame" you can also easily filter for your community (US or EN) by just clicking on the abbrevation, which you can find in upper left corner as to be seen here:

    If you click on one of the two abbrevations you will only see postings with the language label US or EN.

    If you do not label your war declarations or other server specific topics with a language label, you will surely find soon after posting it, a personal conversation with one of the moderators, who will be enquiring to which community you and your post belong to. :)

    I hope that this little tutorial / guide will help you finding your way around our new board and just enjoy it and have fun!

    If you do however have any more questions feel free to send any of us a pm :) We don't bite... usually :evil:

    Cheers :)