Confused between US and EN? Take a look here

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    New year, new forum and now all of us are confused. For this reason, I am leaving this note to explain an important point:

    US and EN users now share the same forum because both use the same language which is English. Thus, we became confused posting any battle report or replying to a CT thread here.

    To make it easier, let's read here quickly:

    When you start any war or battle report thread, make sure to choose the correct language label. If you are playing US (us.ikariam) , choose US. If you are playing UK (en.ikariam), choose EN.

    For CT requests, when you look for your world, make sure it has the right language label (EN for en.ikariam and US for us.ikariam )

    I hope this come in handy and help whoever is lost here. I am here for any assistance. :)

    NB: Any posts in the English section non related to worlds, CTs or wars as normal discussion threads or off topic posts should be under EN label since EN means (English language) in origin. Take this post as an example.


    EDIT - Updated 16/2/2019 - Kikoguns