DoW on Eunomia -Z- vs -IKS-

  • We have been going at it for awhile so might as well make it official.

    War will end when 2 million damages has been incurred or when a surrender is received, loot will be counted.

    No CR under 1k will be counted.

  • I don't seen an 'Edit' button on this retarded forum so we're increasing the damage to 10 million so that the war isn't won within 12 hours. They deserve a fair shot of digging themselves out of the whole.

  • Current Totals:

    -Z- Resources Looted = 0

    -Z- Troop Damages = 1,249,235

    -Z- Total Damages Received = 1,249,235

    -IKS- Resources Looted = 1,510,088

    -IKS- Troop Damages = 3.801,358

    -IKS- Total Damages Received = 5,311,446

    -Z- Leads by 4,062,211 8)

  • IKS has decided to cease their existence. I'm concluding this war over. Never seen an alliance get hit with 125 CRS and not have a single winning CR to throw up. What a joke.