Mithra’s Army (MsA) DECLARES WAR against Savage (-S-)

  • Declaration of War

    MSA vs -S-

    Gauntlet War has been issued to -S-

    Not sure if the rule applies like it used to that DoW's have to be put on the Forum but As Home Secretary and Acting Diplomat of MsA, on behalf of the Leadership Council, MsA is officially declaring a Gauntlet War against -S-.

    As MsA has now replaced -S- as the #1 Alliance on the server and things have been quite slow, we have decided to spice it up.

    The Gauntlet War will be sent to -S- and if they decline, then we will continue to update here. This war will be over when either side reaches 15 million in damages INCLUDING pillages or an official surrender has been issued by either alliance AFTER 5 million in damages. The war will start when the Gauntlet is accepted or 15.02.2019 18:00 Server time (12 hours from now in accordance with the rules of the prior Forum).


    The Leadership Council of MsA

  • Not sure if the rule applies like it used to that DoW's have to be put on the Forum

    Ever since gold pillaging was taken out of the game, those rules haven't applied.

    If you look at: Game Rules

    You will see no mention of needing to DOW on the boards. That said, it's always a nice tradition to do so that people can spectate on your war.


    A retired player here for spam. xeno.gif

  • This war has been accepted in game for a while , but i am just posting it heare for formalities .

    We in S accept this war and wish you the best of lucks ! .

    Also , this are your original temrs to wich we accepted right away , so war includes loot in the normal way . I dont know about the formula you made up :D , but ill let atlanta talk with your guys :D

    General Of Savage

    Be Savage , Not Average .

  • Our original terms are the formula. We just wanted to scale down loot so it doesnt become a dodge and loot war.

  • that is incorrect ,

    Xelveis wants to have a Gauntlet War with your alliance and sends the following message:

    As you may know MsA has recently achieved 1st place in the Alliance Highscore, and in the spirit of keeping this server alive, We here at MsA would like to declare war with -S-.

    The war will be over when either side exceeds 15 million in damage (including loot), or if an official surrender has been declared after 5 million in damage.
    The war will begin after the acceptance of our Gauntlet War Declaration, or at 15:02:2019 18:00 Server time.


    this are your original terms , and they match whats posted in here , the formula was an UNILATERAL change while the war was already accepted , wich we do not agree with and will ignore :D . Loot is counted 1:1 as you originally declared

    You cant make changes on the fly just like that :D

    General Of Savage

    Be Savage , Not Average .

  • Please Mask, keep the thread for actual war things, we dont want to mess up the battle's posts or the terms, stick to what you guys declared, which we accept, do not make it look worse for you guys