Extra Cities That Don't Exist

  • On the World or Island view, at the bottom of the screen is a navigation section. There are XY co-ordinates, a globe with arrows, and a drop-down list of cities.

    This drop-down list contains all my cities as well as other cities where I have troops/navy stationed. However, at the bottom of my list are two extra cities.


    Actually, they aren't even cities, they are island names:

    [56:64] Nemios

    [58:62] Engetia

    I have no cities there and no troops there. Why are they on my list?

    Ny Server (US)

    Player-ID: 108701

  • That list is not a list of your towns or where your units are but the shortcuts to the islands you (or the previous owner of this account) have created.

  • Thank-you. :thumbup:

    On the old board, I found instructions on how to delete those shortcuts (from the world map).

    You can close this thread. Thanks again!