Guide to the Ghosting Phases of the Game

  • Graveyarding is the new ghosting

    In the past, after some inactivity time, a user account was "ghosted": it was removed from the map, but reinstated at the first login. This does not happen anymore. Since the introduction of the "Soft Merge", the Ghosting was replaced by "Graveyading". In other words, when the inactivity timeframe is reached, the account is not "ghosted" anymore. Instead, it is moved to a "graveyard server", Asphodel. This is an unplayable server where all the (ex) ghosted accounts are moved.

    This is the graveyarding procedure:

    • When an account is inactive for too long, following the "ghosting phases" described in the next post, it is not ghosted anymore, but it is "graveyarded".
    • The account that - in the past - was ghosted, now it is copied to Asphodel, blocked on the original server via special ban ("Account transfer") and put in deletion mode. In 7 days the account will be definitively deleted. Note: the transfer and the deletion do not necessarily happen at the exact scheduled time. In fact, the account is put on a queue both for transfer and for deletion, so in some busy servers, the delay can be quite long.
    • From now on, the player sees in the Lobby a new server Asphodel ("Graveyard Server") with the normal button "play" on it, as if it was another normal server
    • If the account was banned before the graveyarding, it remains banned also on Asphodel until the ban expires. Note that Game Staff can't review, change, access the ban, or manage the accounts on Asphodel.
    • If the account was not banned, the user can login on to Asphodel. As soon as he logins, a popup appears telling him that the server is unplayable, asking to move the account to another server. No other actions are possible.
    • The player can explore a destination server OR decide to move the account on a chosen server
    • The target server can be on any community and on any server (e.g. if an account was graveyarded on s1-en, it can be revived on s2-bg)
    • It is impossible to go on a target server if the account lands on the top 50, if the username already exists, or if there are no free slots.
    • After the transfer, the player will have the Premium Account active for 7 days, and full town relocation items in the inventory.

    NOTE: The whole procedure (from the user PoV) is on our guide: Getting an account out of Asphodel

    Feel free to contact our Staff at if you need further clarifications.

  • Guide to the inactivity phases

    When you don't use your account for some time, it becomes "inactive", then if inactivity continues, account is deleted or "graveyarderd", as explained in the previous post.

    There are 4 different phases concerning inactivity:

    • Phase 0 (Hour 0 to Hour 24): If you don't build anything in the 24 hours after registration, you get deleted
    • Phase 1 (First week after registration): You become inactive after 2 days with no login, you get graveyarded 2 days later.
    • Phase 2 (Week 2 until 1 Month): you become inactive after 7 days with no login, you get graveyarded 4 days later.
    • Phase 3 (1 Month until 3 Months): You become inactive after 7 days with no login, you get graveyarded 14 days later
    • Phase 4 (3 Month until end of times): You become inactive after 7 days with no login, you get graveyarded 30 days later

    What is saved after the graveyarding?

    • All player information
    • All city information
    • Upgrades
    • Government form gets reset to ikacracy
    • Archive gets saved
    • Validation state gets saved
    • Highscores get saved

    What is not saved?

    • Alliance info gets deleted
    • Amount of workers, researches and priests does not get saved. They become normal citizens again
    • Trade post offers get removed

    Who is not get saved?

    • Players who have used the "delete my account" option in the game
    • Banned players with no paid ambrosia
    • Players getting deleted in inactivity phase 0.

    NOTE: if at the graveyarding moment you have some premium features active, the graveyarding phase is delayed until they expire.