(reported) Appears an error when trying to save the alliance description

  • The Leader is unable to change the alliance description and language, which determines the flag visible to other users.

    a warning appears: access denied.

    It also happens on the BETA server, where I have my own alliance.

    On server ARES GLOBAL 1 my leader has the same problem.

    Below you can see what happens if I try to add the word PROVA


  • I'm sorry but I didn't understand what you're interested in knowing. I can tell you that the other functions seem all right. I created a rank and accepted a player into the alliance, I modified the external page. It would seem that everything else is ok, only the description does not work

    Just to confirm - it works fine if you don't use Enter (a line break)?

    line break = my arrow in blak ???


  • Remove the word 'prova' or put it right after the exclamation marks in the same line.

    Line break - Enter.

    Also try to save any text with Latin letters only.

    nada ... no ... nein

    it doesn't work

    also if i remove PROVA

    but in any case, if we have to use some sort of artifice to overcome the problem ... it means that the problem is there ... and it is a bug

    maybe it's better to report it ...


  • but in any case, if we have to use some sort of artifice to overcome the problem ... it means that the problem is there ... and it is a bug

    maybe it's better to report it ...

    Probably we are trying to exclude the known issue that in some instances the same error happens when trying to save some special symbols or non-Latin letters?

  • ok

    i will try to remove all symbol or non-latin letters



    removed all

    only latin letters ... but doesn't work ... if i click SAVE ... it says access denied X


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  • sorry Draxo

    but has this anomaly been reported as a bug?

    Because the flag that represents us is important to understand who we are talking to.

    Then if you want you can use a different flag to deceive, but I think that for most of us it is important


  • Even in this screenshot I still see various non-Latin letters. Please try with some clear English words and you'll see if it's about text or language.

  • maybe I understood the bug

    is something that ties together the language settings of your account, alliance, and the language you use ....

    there must be a match between the flag and language set and the alliance description.

    On BETA, after changing the language of my account to English, I have the description in Italian and if I try to put the language in English, it won't let me

    but if I remove the Italian description, I can put the English language (and flag)

    the problem, however, is that now I can no longer put the alliance description back in Italian

    won't let me.

    THE BUG EXISTS !!!!! what else do I have to do to prove it to you !!!!

    And it is an important bug because GLOBAL ARES 1 is an international server, where it is normal that you want to put the description of your alliance in English ( which is required for communication outside the alliance ) , but the language / flag of your country !!!


  • yes ... in this way it is all ok

    BUT PLEASE ....

    I play on the ITALIAN BETA server

    the selected language is Italian

    and now I cannot enter a description in ITALIAN ?????


    I wrote to my Leader on ARES this ( let's see what happens, but I think it works )


    for the description of the ally page you have to :

    delete the text in Italian


    select the ITALIAN language, to have the Italian flag visible to others

    BUT THEN you must make the description of the ally in English .... not in Italian

    try to see if it works


  • Draxo .....

    it also took you 15 posts to say it was a bug that had already been reported ....

    couldn't you have said so earlier ?

    how many bugs on the same problem do you think might exist?

    Are we really that bad ..... ?