Code of Conduct

  • This code of conduct is valid througout the whole forum. It governs how we'd like everyone to behave toward one another.

    1. Accounts

    • Every user is allowed one forum account.
    • A user must not create a new account in case he is not able to login to the forum or if he has been temporarily or permanently banned.
    • Sharing accounts between multiple users is not allowed.
    • If 2 or more users share the same IP connection they need to contact support and announce this to us. Otherwise they're at risk of losing their forum accounts.
    • Impersonating staff members is strictly forbidden.

    2. General conduct in the forum

    Always keep in mind that you're not alone here and that behind every account there is a human being that does not want to be insulted or treated badly, just like you don't want to be treated that way.

    It is not allowed to have a username, post content or link to content that contains or can be considered as:

    • insults
    • obscenity/swear words or abbreviations of such
    • generally unlawful content
    • pornographic
    • racist
    • religious
    • commercial
    • defamatory/personally attacking
    • advertisements of any sorts
    • copyrighted material
    • political debates and discussions

    Keep in mind: the forum is a place for communication, conversation, seeking help, providing feedback and socializing. We understand that some things might make you angry, annoyed and desperate to express it, however, do so in a calm and socially acceptable manner. Respect others and their ideas and don't use abrasive or insulting language.

    3. Posting in the forum

    Please make sure to make your posts meaningful and easy to grasp. A proper subject goes a long way and helps people understand what your thread may be about. The subject should directly correlate to the message in the actually post text and be clear.

    Before creating a thread or replying to one please remember:

    • Do not reports players or exploits in a public forum post.
      • For reporting players use the ingame reporting functions. For reporting forum users use the forum reporting functions.
      • For reporting severe exploits please use our support system or write a private message to your responsible Community Manager.
    • Do not re-open a thread that's just recently be closed.
    • Do not share personal information of yourself or of anyone else.
    • Avoid pushing threads; if you feel a thread needs more attention allow for a reasonable amount of time to pass before pushing the thread (at least 48 hours).
    • Avoid posting anything that can be considered as spam, trolling, flame, boycotting, "quitting the game", or generally potentially disturbing the forum atmosphere.
    • Content that can be considered phishing, selling accounts, cheats, spreading viruses or other malicious software is not allowed and will be removed and the author banned.
    • Do not impersonate staff or Gameforge employees. This will lead to an instant permanent ban.
    • Do not discuss about sanctions in the forum. This is what the support system is there for.
    • This is not a law forum. Discussions about laws, contitutional rights, etc. are not allowed here.
    • In general please avoid sharing links to things that are not related to Ikariam. Exception: discussions about music or sharing music videos of what you're currently listening to in the Off Topic sections.
    • Last but not least: please always make sure to stay on topic. Keep your post related to the subject of the thread.

    4. Miscellaneous

    • Avatars and signatures can not exceed certain sizes and limitations. The forum software informs you about those when setting those features up.


    Am Anfang wurde das Universum erschaffen.

    Das machte viele Leute sehr wütend und wurde allenthalben als Schritt in die falsche Richtung angesehen.